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Another Chance...
Those damned elk got in my way again today (August 19,2010)! Lucky me!

We are in a spot check mode this week to make sure the moth flight is all but complete, rechecking intermittent traps for any additional moths before final take-down/count starts, which had me close to the same area I saw the elk last week. While these bulls cannot hold a candle to the big boys last week, they were still a treat to see...especially when you have "the equipment" in tow!

This group was two bulls and two cows. Bulls are still in full velvet. You'll notice the radio collars, which are use to study the herd by the WI DNR and the University of Wisconsin. One bull has a collar and one doesn't. Both cows are wearing a wire! I would love to have those frequencies to be able to find them at will...lol

Here are two of the pictures I took.
If you would like to see all the pictures I took you can click here - Elk Slideshow
Thanks for all the nice comments on the cell phone shots from last week. While these new photos are not exactly professional quality, they are much nicer than the shots from last week off the phone.

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